Asparagus Cream Cheese Ham Rolls with Hawaii Balsamics Lemon Balsamic

Serves 3 to 4

16 asparagus spears
8 oz block of cream cheese
8 pre-cut ham slices
2 to 3 tablespoons Hawaii Balsamics Lemon Balsamic


1. Lightly steam Asparagus until tender but still slightly crispy.

2. Chill asparagus in the fridge until cool.

3. Cut lengthwise thin strips of cream cheese.

4. Place 1 long strip of cream cheese and 2 asparagus spears on one end of a piece of pre-cut sliced ham.

5. Roll ham gently around the cream cheese and asparagus and place on platter with open side of the ham face down.

6. Drizzle generously with Hawaii Balsamics Lemon balsamic, serve and enjoy!

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